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Sunday, 30 March - link

Baldur's Gate Couples Therapy

Adam loaned Jane and me Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance for the PlayStation 2. Fans of the arcade game Gauntlet will recognize the arcade dungeon-crawling hack-and-slash action. Room after room, your fighter, archer or sorceress maimes, fries or skewers everything that moves in exchange for tinkling gold or bubbly potions. These potions keep you alive so you can keep hacking. It's mostly mindless gameplay.

Except that you can play it together - each person on their own dungeon quest, sharing the screen with another adventurer. If one person travels too far ahead, then too large a swarm of foes might engulf you and your buddy. I tend to play action games impetuously - blustering my way forward and hammering buttons until all foes lay in piles at my feet, or until I am slain and I must restart my forward momentum.

Jane wants us to strategize. "Wait for me!" "Let's stand by this door." "Don't go over there yet!" I'd like to say I'm role-playing a war-mongering dwarf fighter, and she the cautious spellcasting lady. But in truth, she is Jane and I am Justin and when she dies again because she didn't use her red recovery potion in time when she was surrounded by half the enemies I found but I couldn't take on, she is miffed and peeved maybe and so it behooves me if I want to spend the rest of the evening gaming with Jane I should bend my always-attack to be a forward creep.

Also, Jane's character is more attractive than mine. So she gets better prices at the store than I do. It doesn't appear that we can trade the gold we find on the floor between us. So Jane has decided that it's better for our team if I let her pick up all the gold. Because my dwarf is stronger, I gets to pick up all the tattered leather helmets and rusty daggers we find. Humph!

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