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Sunday, 30 March - link

Not Handheld

Spent Saturday at Berkeley for the "How Can Journalists Appeal to Wired-Up, Distracted Children and Adults" conference, watching Mizuko Ito the smartest importer of Japanese media information, and Will Wright, who gave a six minute compression of his usual dazzling depth.

Howard sat on one side of me, Steve on the other, each with a wirelessly connected Handspring Treo - like a Palm Pilot with a built in phone and color internet surfing keyboard notetaking drool email.

I don't yet feel much need for such a thing. My mobile phone carries my phone numbers. Email on the road would be nice, yes. But I carry my small laptop and find enough wireless connections to get my web posting and correspondence done.

Anyhow, I saw how this web site and some others looks in the Treo web browser. Bright, readable, except for the left-hand navigation information - you have to skip past all that to find the updated content. I tried with the Geek Out in Austin to find an alternative to the lefthand navigation now I have to take the time to skim off the useless stuff off this overloaded frontpage. Or clean off my desk. Or finish writing that article.

From Smartmobs, it looks like there might be some web sites that allow you to build a mobile-readable web site. So while I muse over the shape of this content that best fits a phone, the longer-term question lingers - what does anyone want to know about me when they have two minutes to kill waiting for a friend to meet them? I'm mostly fine! I think I'm gaining weight! I'm in Oakland, studying games! No trips planned except a weekend in Nebraska!

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