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I recommend no page building software

because writing html itself is really just too easy, and satisfying! to write yourself and if you can master, or at least remember the seven commands involved, or at least remember how to view source in a web browser,

you can edit your pages from anywhere you can get on the Internet.

if you need NetScoopShipMate's Silver or HamburgeR or Yippie or any one of the 47 softwarez that will WYSIWYG write your web pages for you, you will need that crutch for your web publishing life.

html is easy enough to be learned in 2 hours. html is easy enough to be taken up in arms by the breakthrough club.

There's no reason you can't write your own!

imagine the satisfaction of gazing over your hand crafted code, and knowing that you directly manipulated the browser software of millions of potential viewers!

it's more zenner to wrangle your own HTML - you get your hands on the material, you see the guts of your production, and you can be proud of your ability to master something easier than most alarm clocks!

besides, many of the funky tricks I do to make my pages work for me, I learn by studying the html of other folk, or trying tricks of my own based on direct use of html codes. if I had to wait for my html editor software company to come up with a newer version to support my style, I'd be stuck in the web publishing slow lane.

take the power into your own hands. it's really too easy not to.

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