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Publish Yo' Self!

You are about to be let in on the big web secret:

H T M L is easy as hell!

Prodigious Personal Publishing Potential!

So you want to settle your piece of cyberspace, huh? Good. Individuals and community groups should post their perspectives; people without pecuniary purpose lend the net its humanistic edge.

so you wanna web page

basic steps for putting your business/maga/zine/life/poetry/excuse on the web:

first make some web pages.

if you have a Macintosh, you can use SimpleText, with Windows, Notepad - programs included with your computer (you really don't need to use one of them html editers).

1. write some simple sentences.
2. stick in some HTML codes.
3. save the file as "anything.html" (no quotes)
4. file menu: open that "anything.html" in your web browser.
5. see what happens.
6. rinse, repeat.

then, find pages you like, and realize you can learn most everything else by viewing source!

once you have some HTML learnin', you can move on to these kinds of mischief:

find a place to put your site.

get an internet service provider.

or talk to the one you got. Most places will host a small web site as part of your e-mail access fee.

put them on the web.

ftp baby.

talk to your service provider, or your geek buddy.

or for folks who do a lot of work on the web, I encourage you to edit your pages directly, through Telnet.

that direct contact, it can be quite a high!

you can use for that emacs, or vi

you'll also need some basic unix, which is no harder than DOS, which was no harder than your average alarm clock.

find a geek buddy.

(it ain't me, baby, it ain't me)
someone in your area code who will help you at odd hours of the night figure out how to uplink the 47 prong SRDI cable to your brain chronometer
or just how to make your page work.

the human element can be the most forward moving force in any enterprise. People learn more in three hours I sit at their side than they do with a pile of books, gads of e-mail, and scads of internet meanderings.

  • Why the web? in case you're still harbouring any doubts.

    detract from your human relationships in order to work on your site

    (advanced page-making)

    Web site structure is a critical factor in headache reduction.

    start your site today

    it's like word processing in public

    word process process
    like it doesn't stop

    waiting til you have something presentable can literally add months to your web development cycle. Nothing to make you change your pages like some feedback on incomplete work!

    the sooner you put up your pages, the sooner your friends and family and the like-minded can link to you.

    tantratantratantra -

    my biggest piece of web advice,
    to have a well visited, throbbing trafficked site

    work on it every day.
    put in just a half an hour
    and see if you can keep yourself to just that.

    people respond to energy! put some into your pages, a lot and often

    if you expect people to do the same

    with more work,
    your site will come to closer approximate you as a person
    which is definitely the best thing you can do for the Internet!

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    Web Site Promotion

  • make the web pay your bills

    (or mine)
    This ain't mass media, this is media by the masses. How we goin' pay for it? probably someday with digital cash. so, there's Kickin it Freestyle: a Vision for Content Providers in the 21st Century.

    Make big money on the web! Be an information entrepeneur!

    Way of a Web Wanderer - tips for surfing that just might aid your publishing

    Other Resources - I can't do everything for yuh.

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