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the touch
Abbe Don's got that human touch, now we can all benefit, she's stepping out to recommend humane web design tips.
simple .gif animations on the web (simple is, of course relative. I still don't use any. Someday...)
ASCII this.
How do get those fünky characters in HTML? Try Special Characters in HTML
All dressed up with no place to go
Sites that offer free web publishing, and samizdat let's you too.
Domain Name Claim Game
Next step, now that you've gotten yourself a bunch of cool pages? Establish yourself on the net with your very own domain name.
Popularity Contest
If you've got a site, and even visitors, but you don't know how many, you need to go Hit Hunting.
Good Stuff Maynard - this guy's linked up loads of stuff, HTML specs and add on, current January 1996
For a meta-view of web page development, tools and links, try WWW & HTML Developer's JumpStation. It hasn't been updated since October 1994, but neither have the basic building blocks of web publishing.
Strict Styley
You might be interested in a stricter interpretation of Composing Good HTML. This guy has quite a few valid points to make - if you are going to be making a living putting this stuff together, you might give him a once-over.
Looking to make some of your own clickable image maps? Mark S. Hutchenreuther provides direction as well.
What snew
If you think you want to try to get your pages on the NCSA What's New Page, read some advice I gave a guy on that very question.

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