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the night before I stayed at the Kimi Ryokan

Tokyo Green Hotel Entrance

Tokyo Green Hotel: Ochanomizu
Business Hotel
8400 / night

Tokyo Green Hotel Room Shot Tightly compressed elegance. Polite folks working the desk, very tasteful decor. Small but modern. Working phone jacks and power outlets and clocks. Walking distance from Akihabra and near stations on the useful Yamanote line. This is where I would stay if I was going to remain in one location. Sigh.

I was astonished at the amazing compression they'd done on a normal hotel room. This room was no bigger than it had to be, and it still conveyed some kind of elegance. The sink and the tub shared the same faucet. and my room had its own electric toilet!

I was impressed enough with the complete compression of my room to build a photocollage:

Tokyo Green Hotel Room Collage

the next night I stayed at the Tokyo Family Hotel

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