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the night before I stayed at the Tokyo Green Hotel

Tokyo Family Hotel
Aged Business Hotel
7400 / night

Family Room Built in 1980, and preserved like a historic site or an untouched twinkie. The wallpaper, the lobby, the flower stickers in the elevator; everything screams old. Normally nostalgia is charming or at least comforting - somehow the untouched surroundings and zero space here combine into an unsettling package. I did admire the age of the Toshiba logo in the elevator. While the old flashlight was cool, I was upset at other non-functioning appliances in the room - the room clock didn't work. The phone couldn't be unplugged to use with a modem. I felt miffed by the single small coarse towel they provided. How does a small plastic bathroom smell after two decades of people smoking and shitting in it?

The Morning After This was day four of my rotating hotel schedule and I dragged my bags here well after midnight. It took me some time to find this place - it's really well nestled in an alley. I was in my room for about a total of five hours. This probably colored my perception. Here is a picture I took the morning I woke up in the Tokyo Family Hotel; just before I wrote much of this review.

the next night I stayed at the Capsule Hotel Fontaine Akasaka

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