chandra chandra

m o n o polyzin'

chandra had the most intense way of playing monopoly I'd ever encountered.

later stages of the game, after the spending spree is the trading, right?

she would have the one purple you needed, the piece to complete your set,

nothing unusual

in trade/exchange for that property, she would demand protection:

you exempt her from rent on certain, or all of your properties.

meta-trading - beyond property and value

and it worked.

with very little money, few properties, she could end the game alongside the richest winner unable to diepoor , because each person was protecting her.

or, as the other players continued to pay her rent on her property, she lost little or certainly less money as the game dwindled.

it made me anxious, I remember, like beyond the pale of ordinary sick capitalism - something I hadn't thought of, wasn't prepared for.

system tweaking - more power to her.

I believe we played in the summer of '94, with her cousin zephyr and his girlfriend heather, somewhere in the presidio?

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