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CreekSide Home: Studio

Studio - Before
The Studio Room before furniture or decoration.

The house has two bedrooms; one of them is small, next to the kitchen, with a door at either end - much better suited to being an office.

I bought a solid-core door, and stained it blue. With Amy, I set it up on two file cabinets and the two of us had our computers on there. She didn't much like the side by side, that was distracting, and the table height wasn't right for her.

Amy moved out Labor Day 2000, and the office was all mine. Next to my 20 inch monitor connected to my gaming PC, I put in a small 12 inch TV, moved in the CED player, DVD player, VCR, set up a small surround sound unit.

Then a friend gave me an old Power Mac 7200, so I have that set up as a web development station and telnet machine so I can work on my website or write about games as I play them on the PC. I used to have my Linux server under the desk, but I moved that into the basement. I bought a solid old HP scanner off John and I've got that wired up but I don't use it enough.

Add a red lava lamp wrapped in metal beads, a bunch of white christmas lights, a wild foreign mask from Axil, various paintings, shelves with books and old games.

2001: Most nights I come home from work and I sit right down in whichever chair Fernando hasn't peed in, and I sink into the multiple media streams.

2003: an updated photo of me in my media element; I added a Dell Desktop with two screens, and some blue lightrope.


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