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CreekSide Home: Basement

Underneath the house, there was a pile of dirt with a hole in the middle big enough for a furnace and a hot water heater.

I take every chance I can get to tour neighborhood homes; mostly when they go up for sale. I noticed that many of them had storage spaces, underneath or beside the house. While we have a garage here, if you want to use the garage for anything like a car or people, you don't want to have too many boxes or old computers stacked up in there.

After some years of speculating with Don Pearman and talking it over with my Mom, we decided to dig out a room in the basement, underneath the livingroom.

My Inspiration for Computers on MetroShelving came directly from Joanthan Steuer who kept the servers at Cyborganic on rolling shelves when he had enough space. When he moved into a new apartment, he kept all his cabling on plastic boxes.
Once the construction started, these guys were jackhammering the ground and taking buckets of dirt out. Within a week they'd cleared a 10x12 space out, over six feet tall. I was very impressed, if a little dirty; at this time Tongsue was my roommate, and she had the master bedroom; I was sleeping in the garage where the door to the basement was. Every morning I threw a tarp over my bed and clothes piles.

Then a week after they'd finished digging, they'd poured concrete over rebar, and the room was finished. They moved the washer and dryer down there and now we had a utility/storage room.

I promptly went out and purchased much Metro Shelving. I stacked my boxes, keyboards, computers, monitors, old stereo equipment - all the technology I've collected and inherited. Now that I can spread them out, I can start to fix these machines and give them to people who don't have computers.

Here's some pictures:

Basement Laundry Basement Shelves

The lightsource here comes from some lightrope on top of the shelf, kind of like Christmas Tree lights, expect more durable.

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