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my mother has made a real effort to draw the family together through meals - inviting family into town and hosting them in her home, and then putting together a massive feast for all attending.

her parents ask that a grace be said before each meal. i like that pause of thanks and recognition -

i've tried to merge the two sensibilities by asking that my family and friends when gathered take time to say thanks and recognize our gathering.

while most of the time i wing it,
i've written a few graces, for specific holidays,

1995: chicago with nebraskish family long winded thanks giving

I wrote a christmas evegrace and an xmasday poem, spent with my family in San Francisco.

1997: my grandpa called and asked me to read christmas grace when we would be gathered in nebraska for the holiday, i was honoured.

i enjoy monitoring the presence of dieties and sons and daughters of dieties in these pieces - coordinating between the devout and the devoid of spirituality makes for some strange holinesses - how can you make something sacred with words without gettin' real godly?

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