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25 september, 1995

worth after tom school rejection letter - I am a thin man
art show with joi and nick
joi's exhibit is grounded planes driving at you fast and hard
on tv?
it's all in some exhibit of overwhelming art
in a pavillion
with two other exhibits

swat frumpy science prof dark skin and dark beard
is walking his dog
trading brownies for dogshit
near my grandparents outpost in stuart
three lesbians come by
with their dog
put on a show of hooking tongues together
two women and a dog
susie bright was one
she was radiant

the fellas make an appearance in my dream
was I with ben, yes
and rollo maybe
two weirdos
more tolerable
than the range of moochers appearing below -
guy wants some food
with him the rest
appear upstairs 209
my brother somehow sees photos of
blowtorch banana fricasee
practices on the stove
six nozzles spraying flame
too long nothing burning
a large frying pan of buttered potatoes
cooking on counter, not burner
mom emerges from the back
doing her morning thing without remark
somehow I take this to be trouble
kick colin unnoticed in the ass
he's still trying to make this work.

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