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12 september, 1995

jesse and gk made a tape for me.
they make noise to that effect at the end
they've been playing
michael and I are on a bus
he wants to piss on the sanfran streets
I say that'll get us in trouble
which I would rather avoid
I thought we were bound for the coast
but we pick up a group of young women
maybe a young man
like freshpeople
so we're headed for somewhere the boys are cute
staying in a house with an unidentified youth
she might be claire
trying to get in where she's been before
this woman is out of town
but claire doesn't have a key
she disappears and re emerges providing entry.
she wants me to help her make a muffin
in a housesat muffin maker
we're going to watch a movie
does that mean take ecstacy?
I would like to fool around with this woman
but I don't know her well enough.
marshall brown is saying hello
he's got a shirt with on it
somehow he thought he'd secure that domain
I know what its like to spend the summer sitting in a field
not travelling like the rest of the students
they're gossiping about life away
I'm feeling old

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