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11 september, 1995

dreampt that I was served a citiation for abusing the du bathroom
after they'd beered me
outside a building in a hurry to write something
I push past some guy to do so
I feel bad, give him some little blue round plastic container
soon I am in a movie or watching it
first conscious of the cameras
and then in the thick of the action
hopping around a room of tall thick computers
dodging killer instincted robots
helicopters to get away
are confounded by their fakeness
I watch the trappings of a plane rise up out of a building to disguise the whole operation
at a store while somebody buys something
it is so new they sell shit I can't even remember
and old shit like I used to sell
battletech even
except this has been improved, the two step endgame bug removed
a new version
I find cards, someones notes inside
I'm tempted to take the 5.25 ibm disks
I tell them of the products usedness
it only costs $5 so I buy it.

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