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dream: 4 january 2001

I had $5000 saved up. there was this giant painting about race and class in america, and I bought it. It was a flat painting, on a comforter, you had to keep it level. Each of the four corners was a different panel. One orner was like an ocean, and there were tiny black plastic figures that would swim across it. Between the panels was a chasm, and the figures would fall into it and then hoist themselves out. I bought the painting and brought it home and showed it to my mom and she was amazed.

Another panel was a house, with a table setting. George, Mom and Marilyn and I read from little booklets, a narrative about a man and a family. A larger figurine interacted with us. The figure was amazing artistry - a hispanic man and woman who had seen much death and dreams denied. It was a story unfolding of promise and hard work leading up to a funeral and anger.

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