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dream: 23 december 2000

First I ruined my relationship by openly sharing Amy with Brian a memorable asshole from my childhood.

i climb in the back of the two seater, after catching them necking in the front seat. i soon jump out with a small half-twin-sized mattress and go to my apartment on the ground floor of this building with a lot of old people in it. i don't see many of my neighbors, but somehow i discover that there's a thrift store on one of the upper floors. they collect the old clothes from the residents, as they die or discover they don't need them. I discover a very cool pink tie, and there's a small rack of beautiful beaded slinky dresses from the 1920s that are priced mind-blowingly cheap. I think to myself that I should buy the lot to give away to female friends and potential dates. Somehow there's a lot of seventies rock and funk records as well.

Later I discover that the building also has a sauna, but there's people having sex in each of these little sauna rooms and it's not quite comfortable to enter.

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