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Summer 1998, I painted my Palm III.

I was looking for a motif - I searched my Dictionary of Symbols, from Lynn - I found


A rune from the earliest runic alphabet. It stood for a j-sound and was associated with a good annual crop and with year. Notice that the Hopi Indians used it as their symbol for universal brotherhood. [symbol] can be seen as the opposite of )(, to devide or cleave, with a slight displacement to prevent the sign from being mistaken for a circle, as ().
- Carl G. Liungman, Dictionary of Symbols, Norton & Co, 1991, page 175

I covered the screwholes, the infrared port, the uplink slot, the bottons and the screen with sized pieces of masking tape and I used spray paint. It was painstaking to cover the holes with tape, but faster and safer than taking the pilot apart I think.

cover I initially painted the cover chrome - bright silver metallic. It looked awesome but the paint kept coming off on fingers. Bad scene. So then I covered the chrome with a varnish spray, and it developed this "used space ship panel" look of shot up metal; it's not as shiny silvery as the chrome but it looks very cool-tech.

inside I used a stencil for the pattern on top. I later detailed the blue around the screen with white-out, an effect I'm not altogether pleased with.

I like the way the silver and blue interact, and since the cover has a decidedly worn look to begin with, the ongoing everyday wear only adds to the piece.

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