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cover Summer 1998, I painted my Palm Pilot, and it was great fun.

You can read how I did it and do it yourself, or I will paint your PalmPilot too if you like.

palm pilot painting

Contact me and we'll see if we can work it out that you should be without your machine as short a time as possible. It might help if I am in your area - but I'm flexible!

(if you have a Palm III or Palm VII, you could just mail me your cover to paint! Less thorough, but less inconvenience.)

Basically, it was much fun and I'd like to have the chance to do more of them.

We can do it how you like! Colors, symbols, etc. Maybe I'll figure out how to embed NeoPrint stickers so they don't peel off, etc.

Maybe I'll buy another PalmPilot, paint it, then auction it off online.

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