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ibm thinkpad 560

Jonathan sold me his old Thinkpad 560. It's a great computer - small, like a Duo, well built and powerful for the price.

big cat!
(not my photo)

I use it as an MP3 jukebox, while I'm on the road, I carry my music with me and a Y chord for hijacking other people's stereos.

since it's a P133 with only 1 gig of diskspace, after I put on my image editing tools, a bunch of music, and home site, there ain't much space left. So, for those long airport layovers, I installed a few old microprose games - deep, and small. A great classic game that fits on a floppy! or three. And runs under Windows 98, so I can have a bunch of them on there.

Unlike my duo I haven't painted or stickered this machine yet - I think it's because the sleek trim black exterior is very 3l33t looking - it's what I imagine an Ono-Sendai might look like.

Eventually the power jack on the laptop went bust somehow; it didn't work unless it was plugged in, and then only if there was a deck of cards with four cards removed propping up the cable. I tried to repair it, paid $75 for an evaluation and the guys at General Computer in Oakland announced that the computer needed a part too rare or embedded to procure for a reasonable sum.

So I bought another Thinkpad.

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