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robert wilkins

Born in Mississippi in 1896, he was a part of the tradition of travelling singers - one man, one guitar. According to this page, after serving in World War I, he became an herbal medicine practitioner, and ordained minister. I've heard tell that at some point he renounced his bluesy ways and sang only religious tunes.

His voice cut through me. jeezu. Slow and low whining and simple guitar just tone matching brilliance of pain and seething sadness - "That's no way to get along"

the man moves me.

I have a blues album by him, "the original rolling stone" but then he went religion.

I've heard wilkins. and you're in for a wrenching treat. wear headphones.

he varies from track to track - the emotional depth is similarly profound, but the tone and voice and pacing, he can sound like five different artists.

"Old Jim Canan's" is an upbeat party-type tune.

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