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time not on tv today i ended the satellite cable
the nice people on the phone, they ask,
"was there something wrong with your service?"

"no, not really, except that we watch tv too much
and we don't have sex."

that stopped their pitch cold in its tracks.

fat boy raids the cookie factory

i went over to chris' house yesterday to help her
get her quicken on

i hung with eli a bit
he plays computer games
like any good american child

but he doesn't buy them.

he was playing "fat boy raids the cookie factory"
online, in shockrave
it looked like nintendo '87
run, jump, grab goodies floating in midair,
avoid the creepy officials below.

meanwhile, the revenue model overhead:
"CasinoFind.Net" banner ads.

search for: sin!
choose your game now!
cyborg casino

(otherwise online gaming reminds me of piercing mildred) piercing mildred

found information on denki groove
and i wrote about Sister O.M. Terrell because she wasn't out there otherwise.

naked guy with scroll i installed elly's old tv in my office
now i use movies for visual wallpaper
and sometimes soundtracks

tonight: the pillow book
haunting textual cacaphony
unprecedented visual juxtapositions
and evocative moody music

previously: lawrence of arabia
epic-scale wandering across deserts of the soul
with closed-captioning!
perfect for on hold.

the pillow book,
the final words,
"writing of love
and finding it"

- 13 april.
- 11 april

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