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it feels like the first day of summer
weather so hot i take my shirt off working outside
see my skin glow browner

i was making a planter box
see, our backyard ain't got no dirt
all concrete, keeps our house from slipping into a creek.

so i bought a few redwood planks, 2x12s
got em cut into six feet lengths and 14 inch depths
made two boxes with internal corner brackets and stacked them.

now it's like a coffin for a scrawny guy and i
gotta put some rocks and dirt in to grow maybe a vine
vine up the side of the house.

the other day i took some strong mint tea to the rheingolds as a gift
"smells almost medicinal" judy said, a note of caution in her voice

yesterday was easter i believe
amy made deviled eggs
i roasted red peppers
amy's mom at her urging
made two ducks a six pound ham
mustard greens sweet potatoes yams
someone brought bread we had wine

it was like a feast

from lower left, clockwise:
esing, joanne, judy behind, then jon, ellen, wilner, howard leaning back, svante demon eyes, amy behind, justin, maime
some missing
thanks jorgen! happy birthday.

while i was at sundance some young blonde caucasian woman i chatted with at a party gave me her card. it has just her name, first middle and last, her telephone numbers, voice and pager, and a chinese character - "dream." tongsue saw it heard she wasn't chinese and theorized maybe she was a high class hooker.

svante jorgen and joan (male)
tongsue joanne esing
judy howard maime
wilner ellen

amy's mom wound herself up
spun around
first she made all the food
then she made everyone included with dinner talk
then she had so much to say
and we all laughed

it was a marvel to watch her in action - super hostess
the duck was fully consumed
and she had to go to diversity training
and assertiveness training more than once at work.

now i've had too much red wine i think it's monday morning
and my head is somewhere else
5.30 and not in bed.

houseguests is fun,
amy's mom has changed our life
like my mama she made us throw away all things
not necessary or nailed down
like those cardboard boxes i was saving
you know

but i haven't had time to unwind my mind
work some games for reviews or ideas applications
or interview my online cohort for rtkles.

- 5 april
- 29 march
- (and i lost 21 march - going to the game developer's conference and losing my will. probably best gone. anybody cache one?)

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