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Covert Action
Covert Action

covert action box cover Microprose's Covert Action attempted to combine spy action and research. It's something I play a lot for a week or so and then stop altogether. I find the breaking and entering rather addictive.

Chief gives you a mission - randomly compiled from a database of international terrorist threats that looks something like the puke from an emacs spook command.

rev. guards swarming You visit enemy safehouses, break in or place wiretaps, from which you get case files or coded messages you should later decode.

Eventually you unravel the masterplan.

If you complete the mission, depending on your performance, you see a different finishing screen: beach is okay, casino2 is the best. Sometimes you end up in the laundromat though.

Overall, the gameplay is arcadey and fun. More fun certainly than Accolade's Third Courier - one of the other few spy simulators out there. Unfortunately, neither makes you feel as cool as James Bond can seem.

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