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march 28

I'll keep this tight, cuz this voice stuff still ain't loose;

today I posted anew,
which was nice, yes

the weather was like a message from god (my computer thought I said, or meant, Todd -
really these mistakes are poetic, often portentous, and usually just, if not more relevant, than what I intend)

bright, bright, bright, bright sunshiny day
made me relax
I chalked sidewalks for my show tomorrow
no shirt (sarong stolen)

that much took 15 minutes to compose

gk called, he'd looked over my mani mani manuscript
he edited me excellently
waded through my bunk for brilliance
suggested I start a revision with a blank page
and revisit my notions

I did, it was slow and inspiring

the reason I can't leave the freestyle is cuz this thing is constantly learning from me so it will learn mistakes. Really makes one conscious of one's verbal diarrhea

I had some lessons to share, but I seem to have forgotten them in my throatpain

switching to kinesis:
dinner with sarah, an old flame (listening, i heard her mom a similar radiant beauty and spirit to jennifer. imagine jennifer's daughter!)
and monica, who's privacy i will respect
we actually argued about that at dinner,
i took grave offense to the phrase "indiscriminate posting on his web site"
and i explained my evolution in thoughts on privacy
which i should do here someday
to make it brief:
i've developed a respect for people's space, i hope,
as i continue to believe that those things that most folks want shut up are often those things that should be heard.

that seews a cojant phrase to end on.

remind me to explore that sheep cloning stuff.

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