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sept 23

after a night like that
a man rises alone
cold feet
6 am, 6 30
nothing in the room but a matress and a backpack
in that backpack a computer
on that computer a book
more words

so he went to work,
early like
the city only rising and still it's fearsome
nice empty offices at 7.30am
and 9.30am

but at 12.30 am, jill wants the music turned down

and even after two days of some drinkin',
justin's goin' at it agin; martini monday at the elbo room
jen bekman joined the team

he's totin' his bedroll round the mission
leo and he speak over sleepin' conditions,
like bein' in the hospital ain't all bad -
you get three hots and a cot.

my bedroll like a jail bracelet
a homeless sympathy sign

but young people in groups
and well dressed white men
there are predators

and then there's black people on the screen
black people dancing and singing and talking to white people with cameras
the blues

on film.

and art gallery chicks
damn, if I got all o' dem cosmic beeches hole up somewhere togithah, they'd be some major mojo flyin' around the place.
I don't know where I want to be then.

as for this return
to a life I can appreciate
fall asleep on a bare matress and blanket
after typing thought
wake up, type thought.

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