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22 june, 1996
early wakeup and linger
practice phone calls
pick up and wait for front desk connection
antique phone service
what am I, fourteen?
technology dates

so I downstairs a few minutes late for a one pm scheduled meeting with me host

missed cuz of no daylight
arizona don't save time

bald, funk glasses, danny drives 54 ford pickup browner

tace jointed lunch at a taco dive

a frustrated writer turns to the net
can't get a publishing for geographic porn world hot tar roofing weirdness

so he's started his second novel on line

billburr gets around, danny met him at an srl

the early days of srl in sanfrisco

zona aqua working on billburr - post incomplete?
hoss computer for rare graphics pickiness

while he naps in his homebuilt house

zobi daughter and mary wife
we whip up some cabbage for cole slaw pot luck

I stir with my hands

phil's phil's house party
chatting with joel, just seen today in wired
"the anti-spam king"

he built the e-mail filter for the whitehouse,
that someone might not continuously mail them the same letter and crash their system

not so much an anti-commercial effect.

danny and he argue over exposure
danny spams regularly,
he does digital media, but he's all the way out in arizona

- how's he supposed to draw people into his site?

someone else let us know of a 2million name e-mail list sold for 25$

pretty hard to hold joel. joel's a geek
like a man with ocd
talks at length about tom robbins

the host plays in a band
they sound like bob dylan only louder and with an echo effect

andrea does aromatherapy and aesthetics

like zit removal
she recommends tea tree oil
essential oils kill zits well

rottweilers revealed
I'm freakin

dog advice
andrea - stand still
danny - pretend to throw something

ups to another party
birthday of a friendly cynic

yelled at by cynical corporate employed drunks
oh how alcohol descends a conversation

there was a fledgling comedianne there
who kept one heel laughing
too insecure to try out for stage time
always on stage anyways

at the party was family family

back at the congress

weekend night - cheesy dance party in effect

chat some with george. george

spyder with the microphone for the local commercial alternative
fast speaking me
really, she said, I thought you were so mellow until I saw you speak.

I'm like a PSA on the station until tomorrow

there's no irony
from a bleach blond blue tight skirtfit wearing arizona
she sez I love your hair
how did you do that
I really appreciate uniqueness
that's my thing

how many vapid ch*cks have told me their thing was uniqueness

I noted her own uniqueness

hair bleached brightness complemented the blue clothe nicely
like sun and ocean, she points out, sea?
yeah! like oceans, like arizona
like mexico! she sez
it's hot down there!
yeah, sometimes it's so hot I walk outside and I feel like I'm going to puke
well, maybe you eat too much.

she didn't take that so well.

fellow guest
dara in the late corridor
we sat on the floor burnt to capture dillinger's men

I was moderately turned on, mostly by circumstances
she was nice and quirky
though sadly didn't keep me awake - I was listful
how do you tell someone you want them to sleep with you?
one more night in town

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