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22 may, 1996
morning two with the brooks
woke up early with a cochise on my chest
within two hours of get up, ephedra's withdrawn sara from the local public school
peter and I try to make a page building instruction video, with prodigy tools we get nowhere
except looking for a local internet service provider
ephedra on the floor behind us doing VCR repair, finding potato chips inside

family, rebecca cree pow wow drums and chants, train whistles

peter has to go to work, I have to go to virginia
we pause for some group shots
outside is a grave for a dove with a medicine wheel on plywood, ephedra sez it then won't be disturbed.
it was killed by the local ornery cat, with one eye still a good hunter.

ephedra riding busward with ephedra, she gives me a recipe for tamari almonds, which she loves as much as she likes that peach coloured dressing they put on salads at japanese restaurants:

oil the pan
toss nuts on oiled pan
bake in oven 7-10mins at 350 degrees
ut nuts in a bowl, toss with tamari til coated
dump almonds back onto cookie sheet
7-10 more mins
let 'em to totally cool off
more school talk;
better finish school - i do see you finishing
more herb talk;
borage oil for levelment of mood, anti-depressin'
and lithium can stave depression: someplace, is it sante fe? they got more lithium in the drinking water - maybe that's why they're less depressed, more mellow

just folks near the travel plaza, another "bad neighborhood" with stoops, we stop for a friend of hers to meet. I ask some lingering folks if I can take their picture, explaining a digital camera, showing them pictures on my computer

some weren't so beholden:
will you buy me a soda?
what's your name?

but really, on that stoop with fearless ephedra by my side, why not take a powerbook and a digital camera into weird places and spend an afternoon taking notes? what are they gonna do with it if they stole it? it's like kevin, a guy who works at the dining hall at swarthmore, said, when I told him my mom warned me about getting roughed up by daytona beach bikers:

aww man, they just like to party. as long as you respect them, don't act a snob, they'll treat you fine.

there's rough weirdos in every class, in every neighborhood. it is precisely the fear of the other folks that keeps us bound up in fear.

atlanta looks as though I got some time to myself - I'll have a chance to test this theory.

if I wanted to really get into it, have folks share stories and get repsonse, I'd have to settle, commit. maybe I'll do that next semester, maybe I'll encourage other laptoppin' folks to try it.

cuz no matter how widespread the internet, there will always be a mission to get folks talkin' who wouldn't be otherwise.

deeper south, southern virginia
fewer minorities on the bus, more white guys with ponytails and tattoos
this is like civil war country here
pardon me, the war of yankee agression.

people kick up that air conditionin' somethin' crazy 'round here - I have to put on some long sleeved clothes on this greyhound.

meet swattie jessica takes me to the best oriental food in roanoake - 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995. - a pretty good place, the dishes were sweet. local celebs on the wall, unrecognizable,

I realize I'm in ollie country.

some late evening tourism, to the top of a hill for a roanoake claim to fame:

largest free standing neon star in the world the largest free standing neon star in the world stars

no shit.

we couldn't find some old ladies front yard mini-graceland so we retreated to jessica's lifetime home in the blue ridge mountains - more than one building, stars and bugs galore -

come on you damn no see 'ums! show yourself so it's a fair fight!

big orange actually, as we lingering late hours in a sub-house showing software and digital imaging, she would kill those little bugs; I just like to blow them away.

what visions, alone time with a college cutie and think I of flesh pleasures a night instead of voice and talk
did a little I Ching reading preparation understanding

dream talk, her recurring caresses by a sensual she skeleton
we played with sparklers on the lawn, comtemplated the stars and all them big thoughts underneath

scores of dying bugs are decay or sign of teeming life?
cuz she returned home from college to parents pair of aries in midst of divorce dividing, rending lifetime sweethome
and this is a sad place

touching to be in space so sacred to a friend

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