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26 march, 1996
mom my loving mother calls
wants to provide for me
while she's on the road
three weeks
in turkey and italy

just like when we used to travel

once suitcase, all black clothes
no cleaning, no checking

I want her to send postcard updates,

to post to the web site.

we'll see honey.

crazy jerry jerry thinks no one's as powerful
as marion barry
caught on fbi tape
smoking crack
two years out of jail
back in the mayors office
what more can you say?

here at swat
we have "student activities coordinators"

next year
two bald black women
are taking over from
two well-meaning jocks

somehow it feels like
we're shifting from the fifties into the late sixties

in one election.

working long on jane's addiction
I'm not much of a fan club president
but damn that band had balls

like the grateful dead

but workingman's dead
what more can you say?

crazy jerry yoni admires my daily discipline
I think it might alienate users
to land in the midst of my narrative
but this is truth, beauty, and unlimited devotion

sounds like an argument I had once...

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