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21 march, 1996
this morning's web class
envisioning education
tim burke and yvonne chireau
something about the way we learn on the web
it's broad but not deep
concerning to these academics

chatting with ken gergen
maybe education should be broad

howard, I'm thinking
I'd like to print publish a collection of my web writings.

you've got a compost heap
it starts with the book
not the pile of stuff

how about a collection of essays?

the word "essay" is the kiss of death
every article writer wants to publish an anthology

you're being lazy
there's an intergral idea
there's got to be a reason to read it from front to back

you've got an interesting story, pov, rants
but you got to reach more
gotta struggle, wrestle with it

if smoking isn't hip,
no one has told new york.

david steuer's electronic publishing class
NYU continuing education

first speaker,
dale harabi
from blender
never ending pop-house soundtrack
occult and celebrity
cutural touchstones
didn't want to build a promotional site
people can tell
video doesn't translate online,
have to use text and charm

12 people, 10 women
editors and publishing professionals
I spoke at length

without much prepreparation
told my story
empowerment and sharing

no one seemed to know what a dugout is
put off by my casual lsd references
by the end, they want to know

how I have time to be a student
whether I actually lead my life
or just web it
what I'm going to do after school.
and what happens if I get sick
david steuer
and mr levity
dan levy
for indian in the east village
we requested hot
and my lips were numb

a bit of techno talk -

weenie this
database that
the future

designing web sites for mega corporate clients
some cool ideas in parlance

the spin doctors want to make money

dan can appreciate that
you know they're adults,
integrated in the marketing of their product

thank you,
dan plunked down for dinner

encouraged us to drink

signment scale wrestling, he's independent
doesn't feel like taking responsibility

for employees
we got pretty deep for a moment;
he attributed that to early death
- a father lack

he had some cool ideas

in commerce, confidential.
dan touted www.mediafarm.com
young innovators, hot design
we run into one farmer on the street
at&t, saab clientele
man, new york is all deals, all money
big things

I stop by the vintage jazz

village vanguard,
chrisian mcbride bass with Joe Levano Quartet
vintage jazz spirit, modern chic pricing
$10 for 25 minutes

I went home and watched bare penis

over the top new york cable.

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