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Pre Commerce WAP

Use-Full Scenarios

How would gamers use through their wireless devices?

The first few scenarios are based on our current content/site feature base, with minimal additions. The second set of scenarios are based on site feature projections, including e-commerce.


Hep Boy - wants to play, now
He's surfing his new mobile phone web service. He discovers, and immediately goes there hoping to find games. The "Online Wireless Gaming Portal" points him to an exciting world of entertainment in his phone, including Gamers Invaders.

Curious Red - more than a store
She's come to CompUSA to buy a printer ribbon. On her way out, she notices a cool-looking game she's never heard of, so she logs onto through her mobile phone to check the summary editorial reviews.

Mr. Cool - cheats where he needs them
He's playing Madden 2001 (PlayStation 2) with some friends. After losing repeatedly, he sneaks into the bathroom with his mobile phone to poke around for some strategies or hints so he can win.

Four Eyes - ready-to-go game reference
Riding the BART, he catches a glimpse of an ad for a new game "Carnevil." He whips out his wireless PDA and browses to read up on this title. Seeing that we have a preview, he skims the article and emails himself a copy so he can see the screenshots when he gets into work.


Sophisticated Lady - timely updates
An avid PC strategy gamer, she has any updates to that section delivered to her mobile phone. Today she learns that Warcraft 3 is finally releasing a patch with an upgrade to the netcode! She emails herself a reminder to visit when she gets home to update her copy of the game.

All Business - what's hot for his son
Birthday time - he wants to find something cool for his young son. Browsing through his mobile phone, he discovers "" listed as a preferred provider. From our "Hot 10" list on the first page, he buys something he thinks his son will like, through our e-commerce engine, using his credit card information stored in his phone.

Point Woman - ongoing entertainment
She's been a regular user for a few months. She began playing the user loyalty points game, until she became a desparate addict for user loyalty points. She notices offers a WAP version of the game. She plays to improve her character whenever she has a free moment.

Jacked In - community communitication
He's a total active gamer. He manages message boards for his clan, his favourite game, and his favourite classic console. Whenever a new message is posted he sees it and he dictates a reply into his wireless PDA. He checks his email and he maintains a buddy list for WAP-TAG.

If we fully implement as a wireless site, and we have good UI, we should be quite useful to the wireless gamer!

Some of these people came to Gamers wireless after being an existing user; some came through links from wireless portals. Most use extensions of our current services. A few are looking for deep personalization through their mobile technology - a that stays in touch with them like a knowledgable friend.

In these scenarios, a few of these people are existing users who find out our site has a wireless component through our own promotions. Some find our wireless service through wireless portals. Usage patterns for the wireless sector at large are largely undefined - teenagers in Tokyo are blazing trails with their Hello Kitty cartoons while we wait for five-line web pages to load.

All scenario personality images borrowed from - Nokia's online magazine about wireless.

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