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Pre-Commerce Wireless


Much of this wireless stuff is speculation and frenzy. You can get a relatively good sense reading about what people are doing in Japan, but really, the American wireless market is fragmented, underdeveloped, and flailing about. This makes it hard to pick any one wireless path to persue, except all of them to some degree.

We should begin experimentation with wireless as soon as possible. We need to evaluate the technology solutions offered by companies like 2roam, to see what kind of timeframe, technology and resources would be involved in maintaining a wireless version of our site.

Then proceed on all fronts. Develop a WAP version of the site. Advertise it internally and see what kind of traffic we get from our current userbase, and what kind of feedback we get. Explore relations with WebLink Wireless, AvantGo, other ways we can push our content through wireless devices cheap. Use that for research.

We should develop early relationships with the bigger mobile service players to establish a position as the gaming center of the wireless industry.

Meanwhile, we should all get phat fly phones from Japan and try to live like tomorrow's connected teenagers, so we can figure out what the heck will be able to do for them through the wireless web.

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