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Wireless Gaming Sites

Wireless Gaming is a burgeoning area; many companies in Asia and Europe are developing wireless games and wireless portals for non-wireless games.

A "wap link" below will take you to a WAP emulator to view that particular site in action. You'll have to manipulate the roller below the screen, like the Nokia phone the emulator is modeled after. Roll it up and down to page through text and menus, and push the roller in to select.

I have included my comments in brackets.

The game/entertainment news site has put its headlines and articles up for wireless readers (primarily PDA owners).
Wap link:
Web link:
[They offer nothing but news. Short articles. At the bottom of every page it reads: Sponsor: Check out The Place For All Things Voodoo. "]

Information on all aspects of the electronic gaming industry, from hardware and software reviews to previews, cheats, and more.
Wap link:
Web link:
[Undoubtedly a site for us to watch. They offer a simple interface for wireless access to News, Cheats, Reviews and Previews. It's relatively quick and easy to find what you want amidst their large content database. There's no frills, but that's the nature of the medium. I can imagine wireless having much of the same functionality. They have no advertisers or ecommerce at this time.]

Alien Fish Exchange
Multi-player, persistent-world gaming on your cell phone.
Wap link:
Web link:
[A very evolved seeming game. Professional presentation, quirky graphics, fairly deep interactivity. If only I could play it! But I believe you can only play it through one of their wireless partners (AT&T & mviva). They also license and build games.]

Raise a virtual critter in your cellphone.
Wap link:
[Has great potential. Basically a few stunted mini-games within the Tamogotchi contept. And check this out: "The site has proved very popular, with a total of 1.2 million hits last month, up from 600,000 the month before" (source: WapLand). I created an account - Fusty/Gamers - give it a whirl! John, don't kill my pet.]

Wirelessgames is dedicated to people playing games on mobile phones. Single- and multi-player games which people with WAP-phones can play online.
Wap link:
Web link:
[Requires at least four clicks to be playing anything. Sending in your moves back and forth with the computer is like play-by-chat, it's not a wildly entertaining experience for simple games; Tic-Tac-Toe, Blackjack, Higher/Lower. It remembered how much money I had won/lost in Blackjack between sessions. It updates user scores on the wirelessgames web site. I think it's possible to play against people.] plc
A selection of games via WAP.
Wap link:
Web link:
[Has a gameshop, where they sell hot titles from a number of different platforms. Placing an order means calling customer service, but they promise direct WAP ordering soon. They have animated graphical advertisements for games - a few frames for DOA2 flashed on my screen between menu choices. The site also includes games; Hairy Harry's House, a Zork like adventure that's all menu driven with a picture for each scene.]

Spridge Adventure Games
Online adventure game.
Wap link:
Web link:
[Have you ever wanted to play a text adventure game by entering one letter at a time through a mobile phone? Neither have I.]

Game Rankings reports on gaming news, reviews, previews, columns, release dates, sales statistics, and all kinds of cool statistics about your favorite games.
[They have an An AvantGo Channel (AvantGo is a news-reader for the Palm platform). I wasn't able to check it out.] supplied many of these links.

Surfing through these sites, you can see gaming on the wireless web is in its infancy. No one product has yet defined the market, though Wapagotchi seems to have come close. But clearly people see the valuable potential market, and there are many experiments (beyond what's listed here).

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