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Pre-Commerce Wireless Wireless Gaming Resource

What is the end consumer benefit for wireless? can be an:
Information Source
We can offer the contents of our database both on-demand and through push-type technologies. The challenge is to offer a coherent interface to thousands of bits of information through a five line mobile phone. The game navigator is probably our best bet. We can hype things like long news stories and features through wireless, but people might prefer to flag such materials for later reading on a larger screen.
Examples: game news, reviews, cheats, hard facts about games.

Community Source
We can offer wireless community tools and services to gamers, so they can be active community members on the road. As wireless web interfaces improve, people could conceivably participate in message boards, email and chat from wherever they are.
Examples: free email, buddy lists, instant messenger, chat on the road.

Game Source
If people see "" on their web-phone, they will go there expecting to play games. We can rate WAP games so people find what they like through us. Or rather than send them away, we should consider having a few "QuickGames" for wireless. It shouldn't be hard to find a good game to license if we don't have the resources to build in house. If we have both arcade-type quick fix games, and a good adventure or two, we can see what kind of traffic this produces. Clearly, there's a lot of mileage in Wapagotchi-type products, and our loyalty points game might have these qualities if ported to wireless.
Examples: Play Now games, Gamers Invaders, wireless version of loyalty points game.

Commerce Source
People should be able to buy game-related products from us. This is a potentially lucrative market, but again untested - Amazon's wireless one-click e-commerce seems like a natural fit for this technology, but wireless e-commerce is only just now emerging in Japan. By the time we get our wired web commerce up, the wireless market here may still not be ready for us.
E-Bay has a wireless initiative, and a WAP site up and running. Watching pending auctions, checking a game in a store to see if it's available for trade - these are secondary market functions that would play well in the wireless space.

Examples: buy a game, track an auction, check for trade.

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