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Monday, 22 November - link

Learning Shower Curtains

Natalie convinced me to ditch the bulky shower door, to open up the tiny bathroom here. She offered a lovely white fabric shower curtain as a substitute; it definitely made my bathroom look more sophisticated than its most frequent user.

That curtain picked up a few blemishes, so I washed and dryed it. Now it's lost about 20% of its width and height, so it no longer covers the plastic liner down past the lip of the tub. Minor inconvenience really, but not so good looking.

I started wondering what kind of shower curtain I'd like to get to replace it, if I had my druthers. I like to think about learning stuff during down moments. For example, it would be great to have a poster of basic Arabic letters and sounds hanging in front of my toilet, so if I forget reading material when I'm sitting on the can, I can always brush up on the written language of the Middle East.

Needing a new shower curtain makes me wonder what I could learn as I clean myself, or if I look left from my throne. So far it looks like the best I could do is a World Map: this one has nice flags along the bottom, but looks like it loses track of Africa. This one devotes more time to "great sites" than world flags; after seeing the fantastic-looking flag of Macedonia on Wikipedia, I'd rather look at that than a sepia-toned pic of the Eiffel Tower.

I suppose I could get a Map of the NYC Subway System to study as I shower or shit, but that's not too relevant for me now. Unfortunately, there's no map of the LA freeway system available yet. Neither is there a Dymaxion Map shower curtain - now that would be neato.

I'm sure Natalie would not be happy to hear that I'm thinking to improve upon her vision for white plain modern simplicity. Maybe I should take a moment and acknowledge the wonderful peace and tranquility that comes from the plain white face of the shower. But I like casually studying stuff! I need to find Learning-Shower-Curtains.com - or maybe there's a way I can fashion my own.

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