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commentson 22 November 2004 : 15:42, souris sez:

justin, check out the vinyl pocket shower curtains. you can slip things in like photos of friends, postcards, keepsakes, school flashcards, etc. that way you can sit on the toilet and look at the faces of friends and things that make you happy or take a time out to learn some new words or whatever. or the more practical use would be to house other bathroom cargo (hairbrush, loofah, glasses, etc.)

link for one to buy, here or learn to make one here.

commentson 22 November 2004 : 16:49, sojun ikkyu sez:

you know, justin, addiction to data is as serious and destructive as addiction to any other type of input...alcohol, food, drugs, whatever. so what's so uncomfortable about "down time" for you? why does silence frighten you so? what commands you to compulsively cram things into your mind in the guise of "learning *stuff*"?

commentson 22 November 2004 : 20:12, Dinah sez:

Another idea:
project that what you wish to study onto the current curtain, paint it there. Also stich on a new extension across the bottom in some other fabric or piece of someone else's shower curtain cover which is ready for retirement.

The pockets ones are pretty cool though. I'm thinking blown up loteria images, laminated, tucked into them...

commentson 22 November 2004 : 20:50, Don Wrege sez:


re: shower curtain

I have long thought that the best shower curtain would be a clear plastic sheet comprised of 8.5 x 11 pockets, into which one could insert the latest full-page photos from one's favorite magazine...let's say, oh, Playboy, for example. Giving one something to visually ponder as you scrub the day's cares away.

Patent if you wish with my blessings.

Don W.
Boulder, CO

commentson 22 November 2004 : 21:11, robin sez:

Justin: the fabric of the curtain was probably not meant to be put in a dryer. Machine wash, but air-dry. I do this with my own white, fabric curtain, which I got at Crate and Barrel.

Perhaps the terry dots would work for you? They have a couple others to choose from in white. The ring rollers are great, too.

commentson 23 November 2004 : 10:05, anniina sez:

why do you need a shower curtain? can't you just simply live without one and learn to not spill the water all over the place? if you choose to buy one anyways, anything made out of plastic turns yellowish in a few months. don't recommend.

commentson 23 November 2004 : 11:28, ironmonkey sez:

I would recommend putting a 17 inch or greater flatpanel tv/monitor in your bathroom. Hook it up to a computer that randomly displays information that is of interest to you.

You could get/develop an application that would randomly query entries from Wikopedia or something... Put that query on a loop and you'll always have something new and interesting to read/learn whilst "meditating" :)

'course dealing with the effects of humidity on the flatpanel might necessitate some structural changes in the bathroom to protect the screen, but think of the possibilities...


I'm being a bit sarcastic of course. :)

commentson 23 November 2004 : 15:59, Mark W. Gray sez:

If I were buying a shower curtain, I'd go to Urban Outfitters. Their stuff always makes me wish I was younger and didn't already own everything.


I also think the "Soap Boy Pump" might suit you.

Happy Thanksgiving,

commentson 23 November 2004 : 19:35, Curtis sez:

I've always loved taking a clear vinyl curtain (one of the good ones with metal grommets at the top) and attacking it with paint pens. It's cheap, so you can change it anytime you feel like it, and you can also have whatever design you want!

commentson 24 November 2004 : 05:13, Joao sez:

Great link for the shower curtain! In New York for Thanksgiving and my sister works at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Always wanted to look at the world while I wash my armpits!

commentson 26 November 2004 : 22:36, Damanda sez:

My taste is a little louder than and those white walls...
I would make a curtain of this and paint my walls bright turquoise and the ceiling flame red. I would by moulding to go around the ceiling and paint it fireman yellow.
But that's me.

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