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Tuesday, 2 November - link

picture voting today!

voting booth

In Culver City City Hall, wearing the most Middle-Eastern looking clothes I own, voting early this morning. I woke up at 6:05, unable to sleep more, too excited. People were in line at 7am; I managed to finish voting by 8:15. I voted on a provisional ballot, since I was too-freshly registered to vote they didn't have me in their listings. Hopefully I will be counted. I used my Treo to read the LA Weekly's endorsements; I think I went along with most all of them.

voting measures

Thanks to Robin for inspiring me to take pictures of my voting; I uploaded a picture to her Voting Booth Photo Booth, and so should you!

voting booth

Posted on 2 November 2004 : 08:35 (TrackBack)
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