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commentson 2 November 2004 : 09:55, Joao sez:

Congratulations! This is a new age of democracy when we can vote while reading presidential endorsements/reviews mobilely on our cellphones..

And while documenting it online for the world to see!

commentson 2 November 2004 : 10:53, Liz sez:

YOu should upload your photos to Flickr, with "vote" and "election" tags.

It's wonderful to watch the slide show of photos tagged with vote today...

commentson 2 November 2004 : 13:44, Liz sez:

PS. I was really excitied to vote as well. Justin you should see the towns of Media & Swarthmore, everyone has Kerry signs and horns are honking aloud! It feels like the celebration has already begun.

commentson 2 November 2004 : 15:40, john sez:

something for you japan nostalgia:

commentson 3 November 2004 : 05:54, ann sez:

Am I the only one who is wondering about why he made such a big deal out of dressing in middle-eastern garb? What was the point? Trying to show solidarity with the mideasterners and if so, what does wearing a costume to vote have to do with that? Trying to stand out as a foreigner to get your vote challenged? I doubt a blond haired blue eyed mideastern costumed white boy is going to get the same response as an actual mideasterner.

I have been reading this site for years, and it is becoming more and more obvious these days that justin has seriously lost touch with reality. Less focused on developing himself, he seems more interested in developing himself into a "character." Its time for him to really examine his life and the way he lives it before he becomes so out of touch that he can no longer be related to by anyone, anywhere.

commentson 3 November 2004 : 13:13, dim sez:

In France nearly everybody is upset now after this election.
To summarize what we think about the result, in one sentence :
Quelle bande de cons.

commentson 3 November 2004 : 18:56, Taylor sez:

Justin, it is no longer the Republic, it is now the Empire.

commentson 26 November 2004 : 15:53, cliclou sez:

Oh, I see you went to the register booth with a copy of the New Yorker, now how cool and hip is that !

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