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Saturday, 2 October - link

compulsive found

Am I looking for compulsive behaviors, or do they find me? I've just spent four hours straight in the same chair, gleefully editing video. I love this! Mixing music, images, movie clips up together.

What makes it slightly strange is that I ducked out on a family gathering, for my cousin's wedding at Stone Pine in Monterey California. I'm here with my Mom and other relatives, including a cast of Deutschlanders with ready smiles and about as much English knowledge as I have German.

I have homework to do. And it's true. This video I'm editing I'll turn in to satisfy some class requirements. But I'm also motivated. By fun I guess - and perfectionism. And media making. Mmmm, tasty mixing.

The downsides? I have other work to be doing - interactive homework, and research on social software. And I should, I will get to that. I'm grinding my teeth! I think I don't notice how clenched up I get when I'm enjoying myself. My bowels are in knots - I'm definitely verging on sickness again. But I've mostly kept illness away since my shingles! So I drink Emergen-C daily, and I work to control my compulsion. Age and sobriety have me heading to bed tonight before I would call this done. Follow the fun,

My current video project is to take the other half of the Tokyo footage, besides the interviews, and work to convey the feeling the CosPlayers gave me when I looked in their altered eyes. Mixing music helps immensely - I'm using a lot of Blevin Blectum on this project. And some Wobbly. Looking a lot at Robin's facial expressions!

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