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commentson 2 October 2004 : 15:09, C(h)ristine sez:

ohmyg*d! Stone Pine! That was where I was supposed to have my wedding (before a horrific contractual dispute and a lawsuit with Stone Pine)!!! It's a beautiful place, although a rigid sort of venue, logistics-wise.

As for your compulsive behavior -- I empathize. I blog, make imovies, whathaveyou -- while I'm really supposed to be working on my novel and schoolwork!

But then again -- sounds like the equivalent of "playtime." It's just adult playtime with adult toys (not THAT kind). In the end, you gotta enjoy life!

commentson 2 October 2004 : 21:56, Liz [TypeKey Profile Page] sez:

I play at things when I'm avoiding the tasks at hand.

Weddings can be dull. I remember talking on my mobile phone at a wedding reception, outside of course. Your actions don't seem complusive to me. It just seems like there was something else you would rather be doing. People over use the word "addicted".

commentson 3 October 2004 : 03:27, Joao sez:

Justin! I'm quite glad you posted about Emergen-C. I've been trying to find a Vitamin C supplement that is non-acidic and evervescent. I don't trust the pills with all the fillers.

Do you take it once daily or with each meal? After I read "Spontaneous Healing" by Dr. Andrew Weil, I was interested in taking Vitamin C and seeing it's effects on my health.

I did a fruit fast for 2 days early this month and removed all processed foods, meat, and any junk food from my diet. Not only did I save about $150 in food bills but lost about 10lbs and feel much better/alert without the boost from caffeine.

I suggest fasting for health. The first two days I had terrible headaches which they say is your body detoxifying yourself. But since then my health has dramatically improved.

I'm going to try the Vitamin C and see if it helps me additionally..


commentson 3 October 2004 : 09:19, C(h)ristine sez:

Emergen-C is awesome. They've got all kinds of flavors and formulas. Some people take it when they feel a cold coming on or if they feel run down...others just drink it everyday as a supplement.

It has a sort of weird aftertaste, that "vitamin" type thing -- but otherwise, it's quite palatable and tasty.

commentson 3 October 2004 : 09:27, brian sez:

funny you should post about emergen-c; i just took some for the first time in a month or two yesterday because i picked up tonsilitis while i was in san francisco and got the full-blown package -- fever, chills, headache, clogged sinuses, etc. it really sucked a lot. that said, i'm pretty sure i know how i got it and given the choice i'd do it again, so hey.

commentson 3 October 2004 : 14:20, Mahmud sez:

Fasting.....Ramadan's coming up Joao!

commentson 3 October 2004 : 19:10, Liz sez:

Thanks people. Now that I have a cold coming on, I want to try this stuff. I'm tired of stalking my doctor!!

commentson 4 October 2004 : 00:04, mw sez:

Hey Justin.. maybe you should get your old task-team of internet buddies to start helping you again? .. Whatever happend to the taskforce? Got some mail from you, but nothing else.. Ohwell. Hope your editing is going well and maybe start BitTorrenting them so your bandwidth doesn't have a heart-attack when you post 'em?

i don't think i'm the only one waiting for the video..

commentson 4 October 2004 : 07:26, Don Wrege sez:


I've been taking this regimen since 1982 (a prescription from Beverly Hills internest Dr. Arnold Fox) and I'm not dead yet. (Over a decade of no sick days...probably more.)

Take this handful once a day (I wait until bedtime after a meal) and you won't get sick. And god forbid, DO NOT get a friggin' flu shot. (Avoid allowing the government into your bloodstream whenever they're only 50% effective AT BEST.)


B Complex
B6 200mg
Mega C 1000
E 400 (mixed type alpha and gamma tocopherols)
Pantothenic Acid 500mg
Calcium (Vita-calc)
Chromium 50mg
Selenium 200mcg
one Aspirin
Folic Acid 800mcg


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