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Monday, 20 September - link

rip cry burn

Last night I burned my first music mix CD. I used to be a DJ, I used to make mix tapes. But I'd never really experimented with this whole custom mixed CDs.

I had a motivation - a friend had shared some Jeff Buckley with me, and I found the first few moments of his song "So Real" evoked a feeling in me, a feeling damp and deep, it's a feeling I have a few other songs to stoke

So I replied with a mix of my own. The track listing is below; six of the songs you can download free over the innernet!

shibuya_1melody - Tokyo Train Tunes
knee play 5 - Philip Glass - einstein on the beach
Elegie - Art Tatum
A Spoonful Blues - Charley Patton
Laughable Butane Bob - Aphex Twin - Roskilde 97 Live
Verandi - Björk
Visa Från Rättvik - Jan Johansson - Folkvisor
Statesboro Blues - Blind Willie McTell
(This Is) The Dream Of Evan And Chan - Dntel
That's No Way to Get Along - Robert Wilkins
Searching the Desert for the Blues - Blind Willie McTell
Talkin' to Myself - Blind Willie McTell
Coo Coo Bird - Clarence Ashley
Such Great Heights - The Postal Service - - Give Up
Packin' Trunk Blues - Leadbelly
Candle Chant (A Tribute) - DJ Krush Featuring Boss the MC - Japan For Sale Vol. Two
I Don't Want To Get Over You - The Magnetic Fields - 69 Love Songs

Posted on 20 September 2004 : 11:21
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