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commentson 20 September 2004 : 13:39, Tim Jarrett sez:

Nice, Justin. Always good to see someone mining the Blind Willie McTell -- and Clarence Ashley's Appalachian blues.

If you take to doing more custom CDs, you might want to consider Art Of The Mix ( infrastructure for sharing custom mixes, whether tape or CD. (My mixes there are posted at

commentson 20 September 2004 : 15:05, Mike sez:

Jeff Buckley is an unknown gem from the mid-90's. Check out Lush's "Split" for an album of incredible, dreamy songs that make you swoon with sadness and optimism at the same time. (Like Buckley makes me do.)

commentson 20 September 2004 : 17:09, Judy sez:

Jeff Buckley's father Tim Buckley was also an incredible musician. He died in the mid 70's of a drug overdose. Imagine, both of these talents lost so young. Listen to the Goodbye Hello album.

commentson 20 September 2004 : 21:58, Liz sez:

Nice mix of music there. That would make a nice little gift at X-mas for your friends.

BTW, I have Bjork's new CD. I really like it of course and will be looking forward to seeing her on tour.

commentson 21 September 2004 : 07:23, nori sez:

Love "Such Great Heights." Do you know Iron & Wine's cover of it? Better, almost, than the original, IMHO ...

commentson 22 September 2004 : 04:11, Troy sez:

funny but the JR jingle would make a good ringtone...

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