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Wednesday, 15 September - link

evolving envaginations

How can something so new evolve so fast? When I was with her I felt the current of an active mind - I watched her iterate start to finish before I could breathe deep enough to realize she was right. The intelligence I enjoyed had seen it first - oversubscribed and semi-intense I probably wasn't a good partner. Perhaps for a sparrow.

But I've set my heart sight on maturity, someone managing their internal life enough to leave me to my madness. And that's what she did, so ending this a brief sojourn: a respite in a rich growing garden where the vines twisted up around my monk's heart unbound and freed my pores happy to gasp at the female fragrant air.

Now I find my lust let loose! And some sobriety leaking in my emotional envaginations. I take daily stock of the work I've selected for the waning days of my second decade - establishing home, extending my studies. And it's enough

Still I can't purge that wide smile from my mind, upturned mouth corners are written upside down on the back of my eyeballs. Something to carry me through, a hand under my thighs and an arm under my shoulders, lifting me over this desk, past the construction lingering in the house, carry me through, smiling hands, to the open garden where the yellow haze and orange heat of this place will once again sing with early banter before evolution.

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