Comments on evolving envaginations
commentson 16 September 2004 : 01:22, スコスコ sez:

Nice spin.

So she dumped you? Get your hands out of your pants, and put down the Final Cut Pro. ;-)

commentson 16 September 2004 : 15:45, L. Manning Vines sez:

Not to be an asshole, but it's presumably your third decade. (Like the 2000s are the 21st Century.)


commentson 16 September 2004 : 16:07, james sez:

I wonder if she read about your interest in her on your website.

commentson 16 September 2004 : 16:09, James sez:

I hope you at least got some poonanny.

commentson 16 September 2004 : 17:12, jimi sez:

uh, I think, man, like he means his second decade as an adult. right justin?

commentson 16 September 2004 : 21:01, L sez:

right, he said "the waning days of my second days" meaning he is on the heels of his third. i got that. although, this "prose" is so moist that i didn't get that he actually slept with her. it's all so extra, this "prose." i wish there could be some clarity so i could decipher what's going on...

commentson 16 September 2004 : 21:46, univac sez:

"waning days of the second decade" can ONLY mean 18-19. This was a mistake; wishful thinking, maybe, but no big deal. But I'm with L-- I don't think that this thesaurus-pumped cheerleader lyricism really suits Justin. Wrong style. The Digital Frontier De-subjectivized Gonzo Experimentalism better activates the prose for him, and in the end conveys more depth and resonance than this kind of thing. Careful, Justin--you don't want to sound like one of those wisful drones in Redmond who spend their meager time at home trying to recreate in blog mode their sophomore fiction writing workshops back at WSU.

commentson 17 September 2004 : 15:48, Taylor sez:

"Get out there and do it.
Don't let others tell you, you can't.
Believe in what you believe, take your own path,
be true to yourself."


(P.S. I have the utmost faith in you, that you have the faith to succeed.)

Taylor Belisarius Golding

commentson 17 September 2004 : 16:16, Mike sez:

This is excellent writing, people! Would you put fois gras in between hamburger buns just so you could give it the familiar name of "sandwich"? :)

commentson 17 September 2004 : 17:41, L sez:

er...hamburger buns? foie gras? "sandwich?" is this yet another sexual reference that i am just not getting here?

commentson 17 September 2004 : 18:33, Rachel sez:

Thats what Daniel Boulud does..

commentson 18 September 2004 : 03:43, Joao sez:

What are you people talking about??

commentson 18 September 2004 : 11:07, Howard Rheingold [TypeKey Profile Page] sez:

Euphemization of matters of the heart/poonanny.

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