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Friday, 25 June - link

hah! wakey wakey

In bed by two; I was just beat down tired when I came home from my full day at USC, topped off by a visit to a very unusual museum - I don't recommend the Museum of Jurassic Technology on an empty stomach and too little sleep - already about the oddest display of antique artifice I can remember seeing. The museum would have moved me, I thought, perhaps to something like joy; instead, in my worn down state I was moved to something more like anxiety, questioning several fundamental underpinings of my work as a productive media maker. It made me crazy! CrAzY I tell you.

Maybe it was the presence of Jane acting as a hyper cheerleader/docent. Whew! Not that game Jane, by the way - she is in Los Angeles though, filming a music video for Dealership. In front of a green screen! For a killer kut offa their next album. Hah!

So it was 9.30 and I was ready for bed but I had to pleasure myself first - and it's amazing. Sign on to City of Heroes, and I'm running around in tights for hours without noticing any of the pain or weariness in my body. Having one physical friend online at the same time helped; Jason McC C. Video games are amazing pain and sensory blockers. Sharing that experience with friends is fine, but I'll do it alone too. Mmmmm. It-is-all-I-can-do-now-to-resist-playing-at-10-am -

So I tumbled into bed around 2, thinking - ahh! I'll put off some of the work I was going to do tomorrow morning, sleep in, gird my health with extra sleep. Maybe a solid breakfast.

Instead my phone rings just after 8am - real estate affairs! Papers to sign! Faxes, conference calls, escrow, money between accounts! Which repairs were made to the house? Check my financial records! Between my assertive real estate agent in Oakland and my assertive mother in Chicago there was no way I was going to have the chance to droop an eyelid this morning. I deliberately chose that real estate agent because she was so aggressive - she would move fast I figured. That's the upside - the downside is 8:15am when I'm talking to her with my teeth-grinding guard still in my mouth, working to remember how much I paid the plumber when I haven't yet flipped my feet out from under the sheets.

Oakland house is being sold, Culver City house is being bought - I'm lucky for these. And then, once I'm up at the computer, I begin calling every institution that has my address, sharing my new postal delivery coordinates. Now I'm hungry, still in my underwear, thinking seriously about a return to bed. Will my phone ring again?

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