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Sunday, 20 June - link

cc housin

I wrote a big check last week; giving people money is a strong gesture of commitment. In this case, this means I'm in escrow on a house. It's been my primary focus for the last few weeks - finding a place to live. So now I have some place I'm tied to; the hunt seems to draw to a close, but I can't say for sure until I cross the transom with my suitcases. And I only saw the place for twenty minutes at an open house, so my imagination staggers with scenarios - how will I fit in these walls? I have a few memories to feed my living scenes from the future; and a few photos:

This is the place I've comitted to: just over 600 square foot, built in the 1920s, a stucco house in Culver City, near Culver and Venice. These are photographs drawn from a real estate database; something to whet my appetite until I next visit; next week, I'll be inspecting the place with people trained to find termites or troubles in a structure. Note - when I buy the place, I most likely get it without the furniture or sculputres or masks or large oil paintings.

One of the two bedrooms, inside towards the front, through a set of french doors
cc housin

The living room; tile floors, french doors to the outside, alcove to the side:
cc housin

Another view of the living room; in the niche is a painting by the owner:
cc housin

This is the kitchen; open from the living room, straight through the back doors, in the rear. Counter in the foreground with two stools. Past that, sink, stove/oven, fridge, in that order. If you were to head right, out of the frame of the picture, you'd be going into the bathroom, or to the right of that, the back bedroom (not pictured here today).
cc housin

Through the french doors at the end of the kitchen, into the back yard. Peeing boy fountain in the left foreground. Behind the boy, a large picture window between the kitchen and the garden. Lovely! I'm told that the laundry machines were located there before the window replaced them.
cc housin

You can see the brick fire-pit in the midst of the backyard, and a seating area there, on a wooden deck, underneath purple flowers. I had an immediate feeling of privacy there, of being outside and being alone.
cc housin

A view from the firepit: a brick patio, with an outdoor dining area set up there. Past that, you can see the french doors leading into the single room studio. There's no bathroom in there; just four walls, some power outlets, and some cabinets on the back wall. Handy for creative work separate from the house! And around past that to the right, a garden corridor wide enough for a few more seats and a different mood - more shaded.
cc housin

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