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commentson 21 June 2004 : 07:45, C(h)ristine sez:

VERY cool. Congratulations -- what a coup!

I grew up in L.A., Culver City was our first landing point when we moved from NYC. It's a nice location, on the westside, close to a lot of happening stuff!

commentson 21 June 2004 : 09:03, souris sez:

dude, the backyard beckons for a party! congrats justin, it looks comfortable and conducive to studying! the tiled floors are a nice way to keep the home naturally cool. it looks a lot bigger than 622 square feet. the writer's studio is perfect for future test massages. and best of all, a trader joe's around the corner. welcome home!

commentson 21 June 2004 : 09:32, birdseye sez:

looks groovy from space...,%20Culver%20City,%20CA%2090232

commentson 21 June 2004 : 09:50, rc sez:

you're pretty close to that fire station? I work right down the street from you, near the Sony pyramid thingy.

commentson 21 June 2004 : 09:54, James sez:

awesome -- the place looks terrific

commentson 21 June 2004 : 11:53, alison sez:

Dude, Rancho Park was practically my backyard growing up. Gimme a shout when you move in and I'll show you the best tree for climbing EVER. Sweet.

commentson 21 June 2004 : 12:19, Jeannette sez:

Justin, that place is adorable. The colors are so cheery and perfect with the tile. I think I envy your kitchen too. I read on a Real Estate website that when trying to sell your home, it's important to "dress the house" as it will add thousands of dollars in value to it. (Fresh paint on the walls, fresh flowers, artfully arranged furniture) I think the photos of your home (fingers crossed)are a perfect example of what they were talking about.

commentson 21 June 2004 : 12:29, Aled sez:

It's a nice area. I used to work around there about 2 years ago and there are loads of good places to eat and drink.

commentson 21 June 2004 : 12:42, justin sez:

Yeah, Jeannette - I was thinking the same thing. Originally when I went looking for a home, I said, give me some place run down, a fixer-upper. I'll live in the cleanest corner, and then slowly patch up the rest of the place. Make it nice, rather than expecting it to be nice when I moved in. That way, I save some money, I get a nicer/bigger place for less cash, and I get to inflict my taste on the property!

Here, I found a place that already has taste. There have been colors selected, tiles laid out, nice work done in the garden. So the challenge will be to figure out where I fit in; how I want to modify, "Justinify" the joint. I'll probably start with about six monitors. Or maybe I won't. I think the existing taste of the place will dictate a certain mood in me - something I welcome. I mean I found the colors and the decor relaxing and inviting. Inspiring!

Part of that comes from the fact that it's been deliberately planned. When my place in Oakland was sold, we moved all my shit out, and buffed the floors and painted the walls. Brown shiny wood floors, white white walls. Basic. Here, these colors and decorations and landscaping has been evolved over 17 years by a live-in artist. So it has more of a baked-in feel.

So basically, I was seduced by the excellent art direction. So I paid more for a small place with fewer problems, and fewer opportunities to improve upon. Which is probably sensible, since I lived in the last place for five years without doing much to change the inside of the house.

Usually, I find a place to live and if I'm going to be there for more than 12 hours I work like a madman to rearrange furniture to set up the right working conditions for my computer. And then I plug in my internet connection and I lose track of where I am. So the fact that this place is already nice, inviting, inspiring, and intimately outdoors should be nothing but healthy for this spindly geek.

commentson 21 June 2004 : 15:56, max sez:

Beautiful place, Justin. Congratulations. Sure is a far cry from that houseboat you were talking about.

The place looks so nice... who knows - you may spend the rest of your days there. (between travel, etc, of course)

commentson 21 June 2004 : 17:16, Taylor sez:

I just want to say Justin, keep yourself safe. Too much information can attract bad people.

From someone who cares.


commentson 21 June 2004 : 17:29, nubchai sez:

It's a cute house. I'm amazed at how small houses are out there though. 622 square feet is tiny! But the yard is beautiful. I think it'll make a nice home for you

commentson 21 June 2004 : 20:01, C(h)ristine sez:

I second Taylor's comment -- I've been blogging since 1998 (and have had a website since 1993)-- I try very hard to keep any specifics on my residence off the site (and I try not to announce when my husband's gone, thereby leaving me alone in my house)! (Okay, because in 1995 I had my resume on my site, which then attracted a stalker who sent me letters and packages...)

You're a brave man. Keep safe.

commentson 22 June 2004 : 07:22, Paul sez:

Yeah. I was pretty shocked when I saw that you disclosed the exact location of your house. LA is a jungle. Be careful.

commentson 22 June 2004 : 08:24, butcher sez:

why buy at the top of the market...MEATHEAD!?! must be nice to have extra trustfund money to burn.

commentson 22 June 2004 : 11:00, witz sez:

Nice place! Remember your earthquake insurance.

commentson 22 June 2004 : 11:14, ChrisA sez:

Eh, if someone really wanted to hunt down Justin I'm sure they could do it with or without the aid of the yahoo map link. :]

Oh, you've shown us exactly where you're going to live... Maybe someone will come by and drop off presents!

Dig the place.

commentson 22 June 2004 : 20:31, misuba sez:

Dude I am totally staying over at your house.

commentson 23 June 2004 : 01:57, bubbe sez:

Such a a nice place. Mazel Tov!

Bubbe says, "get an alarm." Meshuganah gonifs in LA. Trust me on this. Lots of easy targets with these single story homes in big vast residential 'hoods. Bubbe lived in West LA twenty some years ago. Oy, such tsuris for a single old lady living alone.

Get to know your neighbors. You will need them to "get your back" if you travel.

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