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Wednesday, 5 May - link

day starts with a doorbell


turned in my grad school applications Monday
I leave Sunday to drive down to LA, for E3
a stack of pending writing there for TheFeature.com
and editing book chapters for Mimi

That's enough to do

And plan a trip to the Middle East, next month.

That's almost overwhelming! But

I'm moving to LA in August. That means the house I live in is going on the market. NEXT WEEK

For the last two weeks most weekday mornings have started with a doorbell - cleaners, landscapers, termite inspectors, termite removers, real estate agents, other real estate agents, real estate agent associates of real estate agents. Phone calls from real estate agents.

Just now, nearly eleven AM - I should really be listing my old crap for sale on Craig's List and putting books in boxes

(a month ago, I was looking forward to years living in Oakland)

But instead I'm writing out a roasted cauliflower recipe for a friend. And updating my web site:

Eleven AM today I get a call from my agent - the truth is dawning, I should really move out. By Sunday. It's Wednesday. Four days to pack or dispose of five years accumulated Justin. Hah!

(a month ago, I was looking forward to years living in Oakland - now I'm moving out by mid-May)

This will give us time to polish, paint and clean. Sell the house for more money. I'm going to move out anyhow, why not move out right now?

Anyone want to come over and help me pack? I'm serious. I'll feed you and pay you. You can take some of my possessions for your own.

Here's my home/office phone number, good until Sunday: +1-510-336-1199. If you want to fly here to help, I'm happy to use some of my United Airline miles to help the travel. You can crash on my futon, until someone takes it away.

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