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roasted, toasted, grilled cauliflower

March 2003 Party: dinner at a friend's house, I had the most wonderful white spreadable vegetable. It tasted and textured like brie! But it was cauliflower.

I vowed then and there to give cauliflower its due. A wonderful versatile vegetable.

She had put a whole head on a cookie sheet, doused it in better, and sprinkled it with a bit of cumin. Baked it for a good length of time. Maybe over an hour?

April 2004: I tried my own - rubbed cauliflower head with a stick of butter, liberally salt and peppered it, wrapped it up in tin foil and tossed it on the grill for over an hour.

That cauliflower formed the center of the meal, the roasted flavor and thick but soft texture were a well-received centerpiece of a vegetarian meal.

I'll bet you could easily use olive oil or seasame or peanut or coconut oil to make it vegan!

For my thirtieth birthday we did three flavors of Cauliflower - lime and chili powder won.

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