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Wednesday, 28 April - link

tonight's tears

I don't often leak from the eyes. But tonight something provoked that kind of emotion in me - longing, grief, joy, depth. And it was odd - it was listening to MP3s of Tokyo's trains. Memories of another phase in my life came back to me - light rain over Harajuku, smiling as the doors closed, standing on the platform transferring to the Chiyoda-line, listening as the train was announced. These voices and melodies were a rich and regular part of my life for 18 months.

I guess I'm looking at uprooting myself, moving to another place soon. So I'm ready to be moved by nostalgia, remembering times I've had and moved on. Man, I used to live in Japan! And I don't live there no more. Huh. Like that. Come and gone. Some day I'll sit in a chair and I won't be able to go many places. Maybe I'll weep again then too, happy to have heard saccharin sweet melodies as I lived my young adulthood alone traveling between the closing doors of tracks seven and eight.

[Three free short MP3 samples of the Tokyo tones I remember: Shibuya1, Gotanda1, or Harajuku1; more info in this Chanpon entry.]

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