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commentson 28 April 2004 : 01:28, gen sez:

Justin, I'll try and get you some of these tracks from this group "Super Bell"Z." (I'm not kidding about that quote between the "Bell" and the "Z.") They are a Japanese electronic music group who remix audio from the trains in amusing ways. The one album that links to Amazon takes samples from the Yamanote Line here in Tokyo- one you know well :)

Toshiba-EMI: Super Bell"Z


MOTER MAN 山手線“Loop Complete”

commentson 28 April 2004 : 08:02, parallax sez:

The shibuya notes are really beautiful-- mesmerizing even. it's just one more example of how the japanese can be so much more subtle in their communications.

commentson 28 April 2004 : 08:33, Jessica sez:

Hi Jason,
Just finished reading the rest of your site-thank you so much for creating such a wonderful entry on your experiences in Japan.
I was in Japan 2 years ago to "find myself". Although, it didn't really help me in that regard-I'm still in love w/ the country, it's people and it's culture (on all spectrums).
Your post about the MP3's of the JR line almost made me burst into tears here in my office.
I've been yearning to go back to Japan again. I'm thinking about making the trip this Sept./Oct.
I don't know if I can wait that long.
There's something to be said for travelling alone-especially to a country where you're basically helpless.
I like being surrounded by people, but still being "alone" at the same time.

commentson 28 April 2004 : 08:36, Jessica sez:

Sorry-I typed "Jason", but I meant "Justin".
I must have been thinking of someone else at the same time as I was typing.

commentson 28 April 2004 : 10:30, rc sez:

just wanna say thank you. it's very interesting that simple mp3 files could bring back so much memories. with the sounds coming from my speakers here, i feel like i'm standing right on the yamanote platform in a sea of japanese suits at 5pm, with a heavy backpack on my back, a tokyu hands shopping bag in one hand, and camera in the other. everytime i leave japan i say to myself i'll go somewhere else next, but somehow, i end up going back there every year. i think i need to plan another trip.

commentson 28 April 2004 : 11:25, Lulu sez:

It seems to me that American (intellectual/hip, modern) culture disdains nostalgia, whereas [from my limited understanding, I think] Japanese culture honors it. These station melodies seem even to cultivate nostalgia! Far from making you fixate on the past - the fear of which I believe drives the American disdain for nostalgia - your recollection of Japan through these sounds is helping you process & digest the passing of old things for new. Huh!

commentson 28 April 2004 : 12:02, Jason sez:

I really like those chimes too. I went there last summer and I found them rather calming rather annoying like they are here.

I have been dating this girl from Osaka for the past 4 months now, and it has become pretty serious within the last month. She wants me to move back to Osaka with her, but my greatest fear is being able to find work. I currently work in IT, so communication is very important. I doubt I could obtain this kind of work over there right away. Speaking is one thing, but reading is another. My japanese is very limited, so I don't know what I should do. I really like the country, and I'm going there twice this year. I would love to live there, but could I make a living for myself without scrubing subway toilets?

commentson 28 April 2004 : 23:20, Mike B. sez:

I miss Japan too, but I have to admit that I'm not that nostalgic about it anymore. As I age, I'm beginning to see clearly that life is way easier here in the Bay Area than it was in Japan. (Relatively speaking -- gaijin or no.) For the long term, there really is a better quality of life to be had here in California, IMHO.

commentson 29 April 2004 : 19:47, Eric sez:

Jason - IT is one field where you can find work in Japan without knowing a word of Japanese. And teaching English conversation is a lucrative no-brainer. As for scrubbing subway toilets, I don't think they'd let you do it if you begged them. It's Japanese oba-san work.

commentson 29 April 2004 : 22:12, rc sez:

can someone post some japanese headhunter/job post info for us gaijins who want to get into the IT/web field there? Justin? Eric?

commentson 1 May 2004 : 11:44, nick sez:

tram n bus. songs and samples. soundscape enthusiasts. (been a while since they updated though)

commentson 10 May 2004 : 19:16, Paul sez:

Come on Justin, just get your ass back here! for a year or two! don't you wanna play mogimogi? ;-)

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